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Why am I getting spam emails through my contact forms and guestbook?

Spam is a type of email that generally contains unsolicited advertising or information and can sometimes contain links that, when opened, could damage your computer system.

Our team are constantly working on ways to try and prevent spam from getting to your contact forms and guestbook. Unfortunately, as hard as our team work to stop it coming through, other people are constantly working on new ways to get the spam to you which makes it very difficult to negate all spam coming through.

Re-captcha Spam

This type of Spam that is getting through to your guestbook or forms (XEvil / XRumer) has been designed to specifically break through all Google Re-captcha spam filters. Re-captcha is something that Google maintain and they are working hard to try and prevent these from coming through. Unfortunately, they have to try and keep up with all the software that fights through their anti-spam systems. We continually monitor any updates from Google and will pass on any information that will help aid this problem.


We recommend removing all of the spam from your guestbook and going forward, If you feel like more than the usual amount are getting through, please leave some in your account, let us know and we will do what we can to investigate further.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact your Account Manager.


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