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What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC (Pay Per Click) listings are small adverts for your website that usually appear in a ranked list down the side of the results page on large search engines such as Google. 

As stated in the name, Pay Per Click adverts cost you money each time a user clicks on your link. You choose the amount you pay per click, but the more you pay, the higher you will ranked.

When you begin PPC advertising, you will be able decide the budget you wish to spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and choose specific amounts based on the individual keywords or phrases you select.

What are the benefits of Pay Per Click Listings?

PPC adverts are an effective targeted marketing tool to help your site display on search engine result pages fast. You can set up your PPC listings very quickly as opposed to waiting for your organic SEO methods to achieve results.

If you use PPC advertising you won't have to wait for search engines to index and rank your website. Even if you rank well in the natural search engine results, PPC will bring additional traffic to your website, and will almost certainly raise your profile if your site has highly competitive phrases or keywords that make it very difficult to get ranked highly on the results page.

Are there any downsides to Pay Per Click advertising?

The drawback of PPC are the costs involved. Some PPC keywords are highly competitive and therefore, very expensive. PPC traffic will also only last for as long as you continue to pay for it.

How can I monitor my PPC listings to make sure they are benefiting my website?

The PPC provider (such as Google) should provide you with statistics on your PPC advertising. This is key to targeting your keywords and phrases, and you will be able to see at a glance what keywords and phrases are helping to bring in the most traffic to your site. Regularly monitoring your PPC stats, especially at the start of your PPC campaign, is an essential part of maximising the benefits of your PPC ads and can help you to work out what keywords may be worth spending more or less money on.

Things to remember when setting up your PPC Campaign:

  • Choose your keywords and phrases wisely! Think carefully about what words or phrases users would type in to search engines to find your website.
  • Remember that every click is costing you money, therefore regular analysis of your PPC stats is key to making your money and your adverts work for you. Keep an eye on what keywords or phrases are bringing in the most traffic and therefore, may be worth paying more money for. Or alternatively, what words may be less relevant and not worth spending so much money on.
  • Test PPC advertising campaigns through one PPC provider. Once you have worked out which phrases and keyword combinations are earning the best conversion rate (traffic and custom), you could then consider branching out to other PPC providers.

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