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What browsers does Create support?

A browser is a program on your computer that you primarily use to view websites and use web applications on and is what you will use to access Create. You are reading this article on your browser now. 

For the best experience, we recommend using a desktop/laptop computer and one of the following browsers

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Whilst it is possible to use Create on mobile and tablet devices, we do recommend using a regular desktop/laptop computer where possible.

Create will support the latest version of the above browsers and up to the previous 2 versions. We do encourage you to check your browser is running the latest version available to your device. Older versions of browsers will still work, but there may be issues as they use older technologies that do not suit modern web design.

What Does 'Supported Browsers' Mean?

We will continue to maintain and fix any issues that occur on supported browsers. 

We specifically review the support we offer to browsers to ensure we are vastly compatible across the most popular browsers people are browsing Create websites with.


How Can I Tell What Browser And The Version I Have Already?

You can use this online tool to see what browser and version you are currently running.

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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