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Date and Time in your Create Account

Within your Create account there are many instances when you see dates and times referenced. It is important to note that all of these times are presented in GMT. This article will explain areas where dates and times are referenced, and for customers not within the GMT timezone, how to calculate the difference.


What is GMT?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the basis of the world time clock, and acts as a baseline for all timezones. The difference in hours and minutes from GMT is known as the UTC offset. These specific offsets comprise our global timezones.

Within your Create account, all times are referenced in GMT to provide a standard across all customers.

If you are outside of the GMT timezone, there are many online tools to calculate the difference between timezones, including Time and Date, The Time Now and many more.


Date and Time in your Create Account

Below is a list of all areas within your Create account that may reference times and dates.

  • Blogs and Blog Comments
  • Create Invoices
  • Discount Expiry Date
  • Downloadable Orders
  • Emails from Create about international login attempts
  • Enquiries
  • Events
  • Last published date
  • Order Management, including orders referenced in shop exports, order notification emails etc.
  • Shop Reports
  • Subscription Dates

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