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How To Setup Stripe As A Payment Gateway


Stripe has customers spanning a wide variety of industries, including some of the biggest names in e-commerce,  including ASOS, Missguided, Deliveroo,, and Lush.

Stripe is a payment gateway solution for those looking for an easy to use system, with a reasonable pay as you go pricing structure. 

Your Create store can be integrated with Stripe in a quick and easy setup process that allows you to start trading straight away.  You'll be able to accept multiple currencies through all major credit and debit cards through Stripes payment interface.

Creating your Stripe account

To get started with Stripe you will first need to set up a free account. 

Click here to create your Stripe account.

Adding Stripe to your Create account

You will need to add Stripe as a payment gateway option to your Create account.


1. Log in to your Create account

2. Click 'Shop' from the Top menu

3. Click 'Shop Settings' from the left-hand menu

4. Click 'Payment Gateways'

5. Click 'Add Gateway'

6. Chose 'Stripe'

7. Click the blue 'Connect with Stripe' button.

8. A window will open within your browser, stating 'Create. would like you to start accepting payments with Stripe.'

9. If you already have signed up to Stripe then you can click on the link in the top right-hand corner, 'Already have a Stripe account? Sign In' to sign in to your Stripe account. Or if you have yet to sign up to Stripe, simply complete the online application form and submit it by clicking 'Authorise access to this account'.

10. Click the 'Connect my Stripe account'

11. You will then see a new page stating 'Connection to your Stripe account complete. Please close this window to continue.' After closing the window, you should then be taken back to the Payment Gateway section of your Create account.

12. You will then see Stripe in the list of added Payment Gateways in your Create account.

13. Finally, you will need to log directly into your Stripe account to activate it. 


Who can use Stripe?

Stripe currently accepts UK, US and Canada Sellers. If you are a seller from another country you will need to use another payment gateway provider at this time.

More Questions?

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