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Introducing The New Checkout

It’s a great feeling when a sale happens on your website. Every business owner wants to get people through the checkout process. However, it is not uncommon that many potential purchases end up turning into abandoned baskets.

In fact, the average cart abandonment rate was measured at 69.89% for 2018

You can send Abandoned Basket Recovery Emails to claw back at this percentage, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could make checking out so easy for your customers that the number of people abandoning their baskets naturally begins to decrease anyway?

It has been found that 28% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past 4 months solely due to a “too long / complicated” checkout process. We wanted to simplify the entire process and compliment it with a structured, logical design.

Our new checkout has been proven to do just that, and with further improvements recently released, it has been optimised to adapt to your customer's device and provide the best experience for them whether they are using their mobile, tablet or desktop


What’s New?

When customers are browsing your shop, they’re inspired and excited about the prospect of owning your products. However, It is during the checkout that life tends to get in the way. Visitors are more inclined to get sidetracked or put their purchase aside for later.  The key to a great checkout is to make the transaction as fuss-free and pleasurable as possible.

When building the new checkout, we systematically looked at the factors that could lead to abandoned baskets, such as clarity of information, complexity, transparency and more. We then looked to craft a checkout that addresses each of these concerns so that your customers can enjoy the best user experience a purchasing process has to offer.

The new checkout features:

  • Product Thumbnails throughout the checkout

  • A complete breakdown of price throughout the checkout.

  • Mobile optimisation

  • A completely new design

  • Last minute quantity adjustments

  • Optimised data entry forms

  • Simple Discount Code activation

  • Tailored ‘Thank You’ page

More and more people are using their smartphones to browse and make purchases online. This is why the move towards having a responsive website is so important. It is the reason that Google has made the change to mobile-first indexing and why we have been releasing so many new features geared towards helping you to be mobile-friendly!

Updated Checkout Mobile / Desktop Comparison

The new checkout has been optimised to deliver a complete, mobile-friendly experience. No matter what device your customers are ordering from, the process will be easy to complete and frustration-free.

Getting the checkout set up isn’t difficult either. The migration from any of the older checkouts to our new checkout has been made to offer a seamless transition. Here’s what you’ll find available:


The Basket

The New Checkout's Shopping Basket

The shopping basket allows users to see what they have added and quickly amend anything before placing their order. It allows them to adjust quantities of any given item and set their preferred method of postage.

This page now displays your product images next to the product name, providing a helpful, visual reminder to your customers of what they have added to their basket.

A matter of importance in any checkout is how transparent the process is. Many buyers become agitated when they find that there are additional costs as they go further into their purchase. In fact, a study found that 41% of people abandon their baskets when they discover hidden costs in the checkout process. The new checkout eliminates this irritation with a complete breakdown of cost on the summary panel before they even begin to enter any information.


The Checkout

The Checkout Data Entry Stage

The checkout is broken down into three simple stages: Delivery, postage and payment. Your customers are able to systematically work through each of these stages and review all of their information in one place.

Another common frustration on many checkouts is when a user will work their way through a form to find they have either missed information out or entered it wrong. This then means they need to navigate back through the checkout to locate the error or, in some cases where a page might refresh, having to start the process all over again.

The new checkout addresses this by making sure that each of these three stages is completed correctly before allowing the user to move onto the next and that there is a simple edit link to make changes. This step-by-step process will help your users to review their information efficiently.

Completed Data Entry Sections - New Checkout

Once all stages have been completed, the summary panel opens up to allow users to move on to review their orders. This panel features prominently throughout, still displaying your product thumbnails and a complete breakdown of the order.

The summary panel also allows your customers to apply any discount codes that you have offered to them at the bottom of the tab. Any code that is applied here will adjust the order total so that there is no confusion as to whether or not the code has been applied.



Checkout Details Confirmation Page

The final stage of the checkout offers your users one last opportunity to double check their details before moving ahead with their preferred method of payment. This process will then be determined by the payment options you have set up on your website.

Create is already integrated with a range of secure checkouts to enable you to accept credit and debit cards through your store.  Alongside these, we also have our own Create Payments gateway for the most integrated experience with our platform. Create Payments has a low fixed transaction fee of 2.4% per order and complete management from within your Create Account.

Apply For Create Payments >>

Once the checkout process has been completed, your customer will be thanked for their order on the next screen. They will be provided with their unique order number and informed that their confirmation email will be with them shortly, before directing them back to your shop.

 Checkout 'Thank You' Page


How to get the new checkout on your shop

The new checkout is available for all customers and is a completely free upgrade.

Claiming the upgrade is as simple as sending your Account Manager an email, and they will take care of the rest.

Got questions about the new checkout? We’d love to help! Contact us with any queries and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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