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The Block Layout tool allows you to change the layout of the contents of a block

You can access this tool by clicking the Block Layout icon shown in the block toolbar which appears on the right-hand side after moving your mouse cursor over a specific block.

A range of different layouts will be displayed to you as a series of different shapes representing the different layouts available to you. Use these options to decide how the contents in the block will display. 

You can also set the alignment of the content to be left, middle, or right-aligned.

By using the different layouts and alignment tools, you can completely change the layout of the block, as seen below.

Blocks featuring only text allow you to choose how much space of the block the text will take up, along with the alignment.

Below shows a text block with the Full setting selected

Below shows a text block with the Small setting selected

By using the Block Layout tool, you can make alterations to blocks on your page at any time, to suit the needs of that page.

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