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How to use Advanced View with your Shop

The Advanced View of your Create shop is a great way of seeing a comprehensive overview of all of your shop products, including the amount of stock each product has.

This feature is good for easily viewing a part, or all of your shop, be it your products or your categories. You can also then edit areas of your shop, which is all possible to do from the advanced view screen.

Editing Categories

If you'd like to edit a category then you use the "Top" view. From here you can "Add Category", "Edit Category", "Delete Category" or "Add product".


Editing Products

Once you click on the "+" symbol next to the product that you'd like to take a look at, you have full access to that product.

Click the pencil icon to edit information for a product. Click on the camera icon to change the images for your product. Lastly hit the "X" button to delete that product.



You can search through and edit items that are either in stock or out of stock. Select "All Categories" in "View" and then click the "Stock" field, followed by "In Stock" or "Out of Stock".



You also have the ability to access areas of your shop that are hidden or not hidden from your live site. To do this hit "All Categories", then "Visibility", and you'll be able to select "Visible" or "Not visible".

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