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How To Show Or Hide Your Postage Options From The Basket

By default, a dropdown menu containing your postage options will display at the Shopping Basket stage, allowing your customers to select a postage option before the checkout stage. However, if you offer a range of postage types to your customers, you may prefer for the postage to be shown at the checkout stage, rather than at the Shopping Basket.

Within your Create account, you can enable or disable this option depending on your preference. You can find this setting in the following location:

1. Log in to your Create account.
2. Click Shop from the Top Menu.
3. Click Settings on the left-hand menu followed by General Configuration
4. Click the Checkout tab
5. Scroll down and locate the Show Postage on Basket option.
6. Select either Show Postage Calculation or Do NOT Show Postage

The images below show how this alters the look of the basket on your website with each of the settings.

Basket with Show Postage Calculation - note the postage drop-down menu in the summary and postage fee.

Basket with Do NOT Show Postage - no postage type or fee is shown at this stage.


Regardless of which option you select, the customer will always be asked to confirm their postage type in the final stage of the checkout, as seen below.

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