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How to set a postage price per product using the "banded by weight" postage type

You can use the postage type "banded by weight" to set a certain postage cost per product in your shop.  This is handy if you want to confirm with Royal Mail's postage charges which are set by both weight and parcel size.

Firstly, if you are not already using it, you can read how to set up the "banded by weight" postage type, and how to add weight values to your product, in our postage guide here

Then, to use this postage type to set some product prices in your Shop, please follow my example below.

You could set up these brackets, in your banded by weight fields in your postage settings as follows:

Band / Price

Up to 5 kg = £2.50
Up to 10 kg = £2.75
Up to 15 kg = £3.00

Maximum Postage Cost £6.00

You can then work out what the correct postage should be for each of your products, and add the false weight to that product. For example, for any items, you wish to charge £2.50 postage for, simply add a false weight of under 5 kg.

Please note that for if you don't add a weight to an item, it will charge the lowest postage price set.


An example of product weight.

This would then bring the correct postage amount, for that product in the checkout -

Checkout postage applied.

The weight value you enter here will not be seen by the customer, but it will enable you to have a more accurate postage rate per each of your products.

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