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How to Export Orders into QuickBooks

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a complete accounting solution for small businesses and the self-employed. They provide services to easily enable you to complete your self-assessment, manage VAT, send invoices and lots more.

The Financial Export Tool we provide as part of our Order Management system allows you to export your order data in a variety of different CSV formats. One of the options we offer is a QuickBooks compatible CSV.

With Create, you can export a QuickBooks formatted CSV of all your orders into one file, which you can import into your QuickBooks account.

Please read below for further details of how.

How to Export Your Orders From Create

1. Log in to your Create Account

2. Select Shop on the top menu.

3. Click Order Management in the left-hand menu

4. Select Orders from the expanded menu

5. Click on Export in the top right-hand corner to open the Financial Transaction Export panel

6. Select QuickBooks from the Format drop-down list

7. Use the Date Selector boxes to choose the order dates you’d like to include

8. Select the order status(s) you’d like to be included by ticking the boxes.

9. Click the green Download button to start the file download process*

*Please note that Create will always export the Orders as Tax Exclusive, regardless of the Tax settings in your Create account.

**Before importing to QuickBooks, you will need to complete the DepositAccount field in the CSV.

***For any orders where a Discount Code was used, the discount value will be listed as a line item in the CSV export. Please adjust accordingly in Quickbooks if required.


How to Import Your Orders Into the QuickBooks Accounting Software

1. Log into your QuickBooks account

2. Click the Cog located in the top-right of the screen of your dashboard

3. Click Import Data, found in the Tools column

4. Click Sales Receipts in the import data screen

5. Click Browse to open your computers file browser window and locate your QuickBooks CSV file exported from Create

6. Tick both of the checkbox options and click Next. If you don't click them and the contact or product you are trying to import don't already exist in your QuickBooks account, then an error will occur. 

7. Select an Invoice Date in the following format YYYY/M/D from the drop-down menu

8. Select the Item Amount to be Exclusive of Tax* from the drop-down menu

*Create will always export the Orders as Tax Exclusive, regardless of the Tax settings in your Create account.

9. Click Next

10. Select 20% S from the drop-down menu, and click Next. This will be suitable for most of our customers but it will depend on the Tax setting you have set up in your Create account, so please make sure it matches.

11. A summary of what will be imported is displayed, click Start Import

12. Once completed, the Sales Receipts will be added to your QuickBook account.

Be aware that whilst Create provides the data to be imported into QuickBooks, we take no responsibility for the QuickBooks import process itself and any mistakes made with it, so please ensure the data is correct before importing to QuickBooks.

If you would like to know more about the QuickBooks export functionality, please contact your Account Manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

More Questions?

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