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How to Embed Facebook Reviews on Your Website

Sharing reviews is a great way to build confidence and trust with your customers. Research has found that displaying feedback on your website can even increase conversion rates by 270%. You can find out more about using testimonials for success on our blog.

If you have a Facebook Business page and you have been collecting reviews from your customers, you can easily add them to your Create website for people to see.

Please read below for further details of how to do this.


How to Copy the Embed Code from Facebook

1. Log onto your Facebook Business Page via your desktop/laptop (not mobile device)

2. Click on the Reviews menu item on the left-hand side, as seen below

3. Locate the review you would like to add to your website

4. Click on the 3 dot icon that is located in the top-right of the comment box

5. Select the Embed option

6. Copy the code that is provided

How to Add the Embed Code to Your Website

1. Log into your Create account

2. Click Content from the top menu

3. Select HTML Fragments in the left-hand menu

4. Click the Add HTML Fragment button in the top right

5. Give your HTML Fragment a memorable name in the Description field, for example, “Facebook Review - John Smith” and then paste the code from Facebook into the HTML Code field. Click the Save Changes button to store the code.

6. Click Content from the top menu to display all of your website pages

7. Click the Edit this Page icon next to the page you want to add the reviews

8. From the +Add Block button to display the Block Selector, select the Custom filter in the 'Blocks that include...' category

09. Select the custom block layout you would like to contain the reviews and add to the page

10. Hover your mouse over the Custom Element Placeholder and click the + icon that appears

11. Select the HTML fragment option and click Done

12. Hover your mouse over the HTML Fragment that has been set and click on the Settings icon that appears. Select the review fragment you made from the list

13. The testimonial will then be added to the page. You will need to publish your website for the change to take effect on your live website.

For further details about adding an HTML fragment, please refer to this help guide

You can add multiple testimonials to a page or across your website by repeating the above process for each one.


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