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How to change the links that appear under your site on Google

When searching for a website on Google, there will often be a collection of links underneath the site in the search results. These are called sitelinks and are a collection of links that Google determines to be the most useful to help users navigate your website and locate the information they need the most.

Below is an example of Create, with sitelinks directly underneath.

Example of sitelinks in the search engine results pages

How to change the links that appear under your site on Google

While sitelinks are used to help users navigate content efficiently, sometimes Google's algorithms may display pages that you may not want showing.

You won't be able to remove a link entirely from sitelinks, but you will be able to demote a link so that it less likely to show. This can be done directly in Google Search Console.

  1. Go to Search Console home page and select the site you want to edit the links for

  2. Click Search Appearance to expand this, and then click Sitelinks

  3. In the For this search result box, complete the URL for the page you don't wish to display a sitelink

  4. In the Demote this sitelink URL box, complete the URL you wish to demote

You will need to repeat steps 3 and 4 for each search result and page you wish to demote. Once a link is demoted, it will take some time for this to be reflected in search results. 


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