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How To Add Klarna On-Site Messaging

Klarna provides a range of different on-site messaging that you can add to your website to make it clear to visitors that you offer Klarna as a payment option.

In order to add their on-site messaging, you simply need to add their installation code to your website, along with the specific code(s) for the messaging that you wish to add.

How To Add The Installation Code

In order for the on-site messaging code to work, you first need to add the installation code to your website. Please follow the steps below to do this:

1. Log into your Klarna account

2. In the left-hand menu look for On-Site Messaging, click this

3. Your Merchant ID for your Klarna account should be displayed, click Continue

4. Your unique installation code will be displayed, click Copy to clipboard

5. Return to your Create account and paste the installation code you copied into a new HTML fragment.

6. Select the Body option as the type for the HTML Fragment

The installation code will now be in place and allow any on-site messaging you add next, to display.

How To Add The On-Site Messaging

Now you can choose the messaging that you would like to add to your website. Klarna refers to these as Placements. Please follow the steps below as guidelines:

1. Return to your Klarna account.

2. Click Placements in the left-hand menu, under On-Site Messaging

3. A range of different messaging that can be added will be displayed for you to browse through.

4. Click Copy to clipboard next to the code of the messaging you wish to add.

5. Return to your Create account and paste the placement code you copied into a new HTML Fragment.

6. Select the Manual option as the type for the HTML Fragment. This will allow you to use a custom block to place the HTML Fragment where you want the messaging on the page.

If you need further instructions about how to add a HTML Fragment to a page, please refer to this help guide.

You can preview how the messaging will look by going to the Preview option found in the Publish section of your account.

Please note that not all of the messaging will be compatible with Create, but here are a few that we recommend:

Top Strip Promotion (this will add a banner to your website which will display in the header). We recommend adding this to your website's custom footer, so it will be visible on all pages visited.

Homepage Promotion Wide Banner

Homepage Promotion Box


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