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How do I show related products on my product pages/at checkout?

Displaying related products in your shop is a great way of showing your customers products they may not have seen otherwise. If you wish, you can opt to display related products to customers browsing or purchasing your products.


To make related products visible on your page please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Create account
  2. Select "Shop" from the top menu
  3. Open "Shop Settings" from the left hand menu.
  4. Select "General Configuration"
  5. Select the "Products" tab.
  6. From the "Related Products" drop-down menu, select the option that best suits your needs. You can display related products on the product page itself, at the checkout, or on both of these pages.
  7. From the “Related Products Layout” drop-down menu, select either "Standard" (to show all products in a grid layout) or "Click-to-slide", which places the products in a single row that can be scrolled horizontally by the visitor.
  8. Select "Shop" from the top menu.
  9. Find the product that you would like to relate other products to.
  10. Click the "Edit Product" button.
  11. Select the "Related Products" tab.
There are two ways to specify what related products appear on a particular product page. You can add keywords to your products using the "Related Keywords" field, or you can add related items manually, using the "Related Products" field.

To add tags to your products using the "Related Keywords" field:

1. Write the keywords associated with the product into the "Related Keywords" field. Products with matching keywords will show in each others’ related products areas. Keywords should be separated with a comma.

To add related items manually using the "Related Products" search field:

  1. Check the boxes next to the products you wish to show together.
  2. Click "Save Changes".
You also might like to consider using the “Customers Also Purchased” option, which, like "Related Products", can be switched on "Shop Settings" on the "Products" tab. This will automatically draw product suggestions from your sales data. Please note that this is best used on sites with quite a lot of sales, since if there is not enough sales data for a product, no items will be returned.