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How do I prepare a new sale while my old one is running?

Shop Builder Pro and Shop Builder Advanced packages enjoy the ability to create and store multiple sales in their shops. With Shop Builder Pro you can store up to 5 and with Shop Builder Advanced you can store 10.

This means that you can prepare your next sale while your current sale is active/running. This works particularly well if you run a Christmas sale and a January Sale close together.

To do this you will need to set up your sale as normal and simply switch your current sales to "On Hold" and your next sale to "Running" when you are ready to go!

If you would like the flexibility this feature has to offer you can upgrade by logging in to your account, clicking "Your Account" on the top menu and selecting the option to "Change Your Account Level".

N.B. Please be aware that you can only have one sale running at a time.

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