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Editing the name of your website or adding a logo is a very simple process with Create.

For this example, I’m going to be using a logo that was created, for free, using one of the many logo creator tools you can find online. The logo I’m using for this example is seen below.


Begin by heading to the “Edit Header” section of the Design Studio, seen below.

To edit your website name or add a logo to this content, whilst in the “Edit Header” section of Design, if you place your mouse cursor over the website name you will see a toolbar appear with the options to “Edit logo” or “Switch to image”, as shown below:

Selecting “Edit logo” allows you to alter the text name of your website (this is not your website domain).

Selecting the “Switch to image” icon allows you to upload your own custom logo/image to be displayed on your website. Once this option is selected, a placeholder image will appear. If you click on the “Image Settings” button within the toolbar, it will allow you to upload a logo from your computer, as shown in the images below:

After selecting the file on your computer and clicking "Done", the image will be uploaded and replace the template logo. A few examples can be seen below:

With the logo editor, Create can accept images with a wide range of dimensions. We would recommend that for a banner style logo (larger logo, the width of your website), an image size of around 1000 x 200 pixels is recommended as a baseline.

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