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Your website and all your pages, text, images and more all have to be saved somewhere. Your website also needs to be accessible via the web. Your hosting is the web server your website is saved on so that it can be called on from anyone when they wish to view your site. 

Typically with a WordPress setup, or other CMS platforms, you have to pay for hosting separately. This means you need to pay for your space on the web server, pay for your CMS platform, pay for your domain and tie them all together. 

When thinking about hosting, it’s also important to consider the environmental side of the host you choose. Many hosts utilise buildings stacked from floor to ceiling with power hungry servers that are run unsustainably and can have a significant impact on your scope 3 digital emissions.

If you’re looking to purchase hosting, it’s worth taking the time to research your supplier's sustainability policy.

However, with Create, we take care of your hosting for you so you don’t need to worry about managing your hosting or paying any extra when using our website builder. We've chosen hosting suppliers who are either using renewable energy now or offsetting with REGO credits. All our hosting suppliers are on a journey towards being fully powered by renewables in the next few years too.

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