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Getting Started: Using the Top Menu

The Top Menu, which you'll find on every screen you see while logged into Create, holds all the tools you need to build your website:

The Top Menu will take you to different areas of Create, and each Menu button represents the steps you can take to make the website you want.

  • The Dashboard (Home) is where you'll find the latest news and announcements from Create, your subscription details, new BETA features you can test out and if you're running a shop, the latest orders you've received. What's more, it's fully customisable so you can rearrange it how you like! 
  • The "Design" Studio is an area that contains the tools to help you style your site. It's really easy to use, offering a wide range of templates and colour schemes, giving you the chance to get creative and build something truly unique.
  • The "Content" area lets you arrange and edit the content of your site. Here you can easily rearrange your menu items, create and edit pages and add images to begin building your site.
  • The "Shop" area allows you to create, manage and maintain your online shop. Here you can add and edit products, as well as organise product categories and use the Order Management system to keep on top of your sales.
  • The "Publish" page lets you view your site before it goes live, and publish it to the web when you're ready. Your site preview shows how any changes you've made would affect your live site. Once it's ready, you can publish your website from this screen, which will send your site to search engines and make it accessible to others on the Internet.
  • The "Support" area is where you can access useful Guides and Blogs to help you along the way. You can also email your Account Manager from here if you have any enquiries.
  • The "Account" icon is where you can find details about your Create account. Here you can view your invoices, upgrade your account package and manage your domain names & email.

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