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How To Sell More Than One File Per Digital Product

If you need to sell a group of files we recommend that you do this using a "Compressed Zip File" or "Zip File". This allows you to include a number of files within one folder but still allows your customer to download them as one file.

Once you have zipped your files up you can upload the ZIP file as a new digital product.

If you are using a Windows based PC then the instructions below will guide you through the process of making a ZIP file.

  1. Go to the document area where your files are stored, right click in the folder and click "New"
  2. A number of options will appear in a drop down box, find and click "Compressed Zip File". This will create a new zip folder in your documents
  3. To add your files, simply click and drag them into the zip file you have just created

If you are using an Apple Mac, simply right click on your folder and select "Compress...".

If you’re not able to create a ZIP file using these instructions, you may be using a different operating system. 

If you require further assistance, please let us know which operating system you are using so that we can try to assist you.

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