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A browser cache is a place where information from websites is automatically stored in your browser to quicken loading times. 

When you first visit a webpage, all the information from the page has to be downloaded in order for you to view the content. This can take time, bandwidth and data. 

What can be done to mitigate this is that the browser can store the latest version of the website you’ve visited in its cache. That way, you don’t need to redownload everything to view the page and it can load more quickly. 

However, because caching stores an old version of a webpage, you may encounter issues when trying to view a new version of your website after you republish. This will be because you’re seeing the stored version saved in the browser cache rather than your updated version.

This can be easily resolved by clearing your cache. You can bring up the settings to clear most browser caches by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE.


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