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Create offers a wide range of different blocks you can use to build your website pages. Once a block is added to a page,  you can further adjust it to meet your requirements. Using this feature, you can add additional elements to a block you have selected such as a subheading, text or additional buttons. This feature also allows you to easily re-arrange the order of the elements in a block, allowing you more control over the block layout.

You can also easily remove elements in a block, such as a button you don’t need or a sub-title for example.

How To Add Elements

 After adding a block to a page, when you move your mouse cursor over a  block, you will see the Add Element + icon appear. A placeholder line will be displayed, showing where in the block the element can be added, as shown below.


Add block element icon


Clicking the Add Element + icon will open the menu displaying the different elements you can add to the block.


element selection menu


If, for example, you wanted to add a button to the block, clicking the Buttons option will add one to the placeholder location, as shown below.


add button


How To Move Elements In A Block

Once you have added elements to a block, you can re-arrange them by either using the up/down arrows. For example, if there is a heading in a block you would like to move down a place, click the heading to display the options available and then click the Move Down arrow.

Alternatively, you can click on an element directly, for example, a heading and drag it to a new position in the block. This works for any elements in a block.

Using this feature you can specify the order elements are located in a block, giving you the flexibility to build a specific and unique block for your needs.


move element down


How To Delete Elements

There might be situations where you wish to remove specific elements of a block. This can be achieved by clicking on the element you want to delete. For example, if there is a button in the block you don't need,  click the button and a toolbar will appear, clicking the red Delete icon will remove it. Repeat this process for any elements in a block you would like to be removed.

delete element


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