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We've always got something new to shout about at Create.

Contact the Create PR team for information, commentary, original research and more. If you're writing an article, reviewing our products or just want to know more about us and our story, then please do get in touch with our PR team.

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Original Research

Create regularly conduct surveys to find out about the opinions of our customers regarding current events. If you are interested in having an original piece of research conducted for a specific article please do get in touch with the press team.

We are happy for you to utilise any of the Create research reports published on this website in your own articles but you must credit Create and provide a link back to the original research in online articles.

Industry Commentary

Are you writing an article about the ecommerce industry or UK SMEs and looking for expert commentary?

We can provide this; either from ourselves as experts in this area, or we can source contributions from our customer base of active businesses. Get in touch with our press team to find out what we can do for you.

If you mention Create in an article please do let us know at and we can help you to promote it across our network.

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