Are you a web designer?

If you’re looking to create something a little more bespoke, our Web Designer’s Kit allows you to upload your own design themes. Use your technical knowledge to build custom templates that work with our website builder.

Create app WDK screen

Create custom templates

The Web Designer's Kit Editor is a code editor for web designers and developers using the Create system. It allows for the creation of a fully customised template for your website using HTML, CSS and our unique, time-saving 'WDK tags'.

If you know your HTML and CSS, you should be able to comfortably create completely unique templates, allowing your website to really stand out from the crowd.

It allows you to upload your own work and use your own designs and HTML to work within Create's website builder.

Our Editor makes it easy for you to create and edit the HTML markup and styling of your website's template from directly within the Design Screen on the Create application.

Getting started

Using the Web Designer's Kit to build your own website template can:

  • Help you customise your website template to suit your design requirements.
  • Improve your brand recognition with a completely unique template.
  • Enable you to appeal to your core audience in new and exciting ways.

Take a look at our helpful guide to using the Web Designer's Kit, which aims to guide you through the coding process, step by step.

" Create has been my 'go to' web host for many years. Their customer service is outstanding. As well as my own, I've created many websites for my design clients over the years and I’ve been able to create engaging, responsive websites that look incredible and function fantastically. "

Kerry Joy Allwood, Creator
Paper Joy

Kerry Joy Allwood

" I’ve been with Create for over 10 years. Everything is so intuitive and easy to use, the package prices are fantastic and all come with SSL which is a must with search engines nowadays. My dedicated customer account manager goes out of his way to help and nothing is too much trouble. "

Carl Harvey, Founder
Simply Masquerade

Carl Harvey

" I need to regularly update my website with class changes and before using Create, I was paying a designer to do this all the time. Now I can change it myself wherever and whenever I want! It’s the perfect solution for me. "

Cara Maker, Health & Fitness Expert
Fitness with Cara

Cara Maker

" Despite our busy touring and recording schedule, Create has enabled us to have a stunning website that represents the band perfectly and is simple for us to keep updated on the road. "

Jon Courtney, Band Member
Pure Reason Revolution

Jon Courtney

" I moved from Wordpress as I wanted something unique and individual but also something I could easily control and change with a minimum of knowhow. Create have done that for me and more. "

RJ Barker, Author
RJ Barker

RJ Barker

" I began using Create 7 years ago, I had very little experience with computers and the thought of creating a site was daunting. Thanks to intuitive templates and tools, comprehensive tutorials and my Account Manager, it’s now easy for me to have the website I want. "

Fay Stevens, Cake Designer
Fay’s Cakes

Fay Stevens

" The team at Create listen to what their customers want and constantly improve the features on offer. Their customer service is excellent, your Account Manager is always on hand to offer friendly advice and assistance whenever you need help. "

Tara Melton, Owner
Gilbert Lodge

Tara Melton

" I recently made my way back to Create after having a custom website designed. I remembered the great customer support and easier e-commerce tools. It took a week to set up and the result is an e-commerce website which looks great and is easy to manage. I love it. "

Vanessa Plana, Designer
Vanessa Plana Jewellery

Vanessa Plana

" We run two websites with Create and have been with them for over five years now. Their website templates are fantastic and very user friendly. The support team at Create are excellent, always responding rapidly and efficiently to help me with any questions I might have. I cannot recommend Create highly enough! "

Jim Hartridge, Manager
Susannah Cotton

Jim Hartridge

" The new templates have made it very easy to create something that looks the way brands expect when working with a blogger, new to blogging or not the expectation is high. In a saturated industry its vital to have a professional looking site and Create provides this. "

Kirsty Kirby, Blogger
Kirsty Kirby

Kirsty Kirby

" I’ve been a customer for five years. Create is easy to use and has allowed me to build a site that reflects the personality of my business, whilst providing a stable platform. Create has a fantastic support team; my account manager, Ian, is incredibly helpful and always quick to respond. "

Lucy Taylor, Business Owner
The Wise House

Lucy Taylor

" I've watched Create develop as a business over these last 10 years and I'm SO impressed with what they're now able to offer their clients. When updating my website, I feel like a "proper" web designer and often look at it think and think "Wow, I made that!" "

Catherine Dunning, Business Owner
Love That Wedding

Catherine Dunning

" Whether someone accesses my Create website from their desktop or mobile, each page is designed to look great on any device. The packages Create offers are very cost effective and I love their customer service team who have always gone out of their way to help me throughout the years I’ve been with them. "

Elisha Massiah, Business Owner
Elisha Francis

Elisha Massiah

" I wanted a host that allowed me the freedom to easily update my site when I wanted and how I wanted to. That and the one-to-one service that the dedicated Account Managers offer are why I have been with Create since 2009. "

Xander Kostroma, Business Owner
Xander Kostroma

Xander Kostroma

" I use Create because their team are always on hand to answer questions. They are friendly and helpful and knowing they are right here in Brighton is a big plus too, it feels great to be part of our thriving business community. "

Chloe Upton, Graphic Designer
Chloe Upton

Chloe Upton

" I wanted a website I could easily customise to complement my brand identity and colour palette. It is easy to keep up to date and having my own account manager to help me along the way has been a huge help. "

Lauren Psyk, Photographer
Lauren Psyk

Lauren Psyk