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Rebecca Kimber


Hi everyone, I’m Rebecca, the co-founder of Create. I have a background in SEO and website design, but these days I spend more time talking to partners, customers and the team than doing much in the way of technical things. We’ll be celebrating our 20th birthday in October and over the years I’ve worn a lot of different hats (as so many small business owners do).

What I love about Create is that there’s always something new to learn or get excited about, the web keeps developing and us along with it. Wherever the technology may go there is always at our heart a passion to help people succeed online without having to wrestle with code, server installations or security updates.

Our other passion is to ensure we’re providing a service that isn’t damaging the planet and this has moved front and centre in the last 7 months (you might have noticed more on this topic on our social).

A lot of people I talk to aren’t aware of the huge carbon footprint internet use has and so we’re now on a mission to not only make people aware of it but to provide an easy way to have a greener website.

My three kids (who keep me pretty busy outside of work), are my reminder that we need to be good ancestors and look after our planet for future generations.

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