Jelly, Barketing Manager at


Barketing Manager

I'm Jelly! I'm the Barketing manager at Create. My job mainly consists of sleeping, eating treats, and keeping all these pesky tennis balls in order.

I've been working part-time with Create since I was very small, but only really became full-time last year as demand for my unique talents seems to have gone up. My favourite part of the job is making sure Ed knows whenever anyone knocks on the door, though I do miss letting the whole office know when the lunch van arrived.

When I'm not working, I like running around fields and being chased by other dogs. Sometimes I find a nice stick to carry around as well.

I love working at Create because the whole team is really friendly and likes to play with me. As a bonus, all these trees we've been planting means there are more sticks in the world for me to carry!

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