Jack Lloyd, Product Marketer at

Jack Lloyd

Product Marketer

Hi, my name’s Jack and I’m behind most of the posts you see on social media.

I’ve been at Create for 2 and a bit years now, but I’ve had an interest in websites and marketing ever since school. I’ve spent years working on different websites for different businesses and figuring out along the way what works when growing an online presence. I tend to be a fixer of things and when I come across a website, I love to get into what’s working and what can be improved to create a path forwards.

When I’m not busy with websites and marketing, I like to cook up weird and wonderful plant-based foods, paint model miniatures and finding a quiet spot on the beach on a sunny day 🏖 ☀️

I love working at Create. For one, because the team I work with is amazing, but also because the customers are too. Ever since I worked with Rebecca to start the Create Members Group, it’s been a genuine pleasure of mine to meet so many amazing small business owners and offer what ideas I can to help them grow on their own online journey.

When you see a post on social media, whether in the group or on our company channels, feel free to drop by and say hi!

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