Ian Magill

Customer Account Manager

Hey, I’m Ian! I’m one of the Account Managers here - Some of you may know me from such areas like the Support area of your Create account. 🙋‍♂️

After working a variety of different customer-facing roles across a broad range of industries, I joined Create back in 2015. Other than the wonderful team of people, it was instantly clear that Create had such a strong relationship with its community of customers, and this has only gotten stronger in the 5 years I’ve worked here.

After a short time, I was very interested to learn more about design and how websites are built, not only to satisfy my own interests but to better the level of support I can provide for our users. Create are always keen to invest in the growth of their employees, so I enrolled in a number of different web design and front end development courses. This helped give rise to the various Design Services that we now offer.

Outside of Create, other than writing music and watching an insane amount of sport, I’m currently working on converting a Mercedes Sprinter into a campervan. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and have next to no experience working with tools, so I thought it would be a fun thing to document - I’m in the process of writing and filming some content to upload and share with the world!

I find my job incredibly rewarding and I truly value the strong working relationships I’ve formed with users over my time here. And with our focus shifting ever further towards helping make the web and the world a greener place, I’ve never felt happier working for Create.