Gauthier Blanpain, Front End Developer at

Gauthier Blanpain

Front End Developer

Hi, my name is Gauthier and I'm responsible for all things design related here at Create.

My passion for web design goes back to my college days when I discovered the possibility of combining my love for design with writing code to achieve an interactive experience. Since then, I have worked at various design agencies before landing at Create's door and it's crazy to think that I'm coming up to my fourth year already!

Outside of work, my hobbies involve skateboarding, cooking and exploring nature with my wife and our dog, Paco (who is very much part of the team at Create). Aside from those things, I usually have some sort of home improvement project in progress to keep me busy.

I love working at Create, the family vibe we have here is something I have not experienced in other workplaces and I cherish it. The work itself can be really challenging but seeing our users take the tools we provide and come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to get creative is so rewarding!

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