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I registered my domain name with VistaPrint, how do I use it with my site?

Unfortunately, VistaPrint do not allow DNS management meaning that domain names registered with VistaPrint cannot be pointed.

To use your domain outside VistaPrint you will need to transfer it.

In situations like this  where the current provider can only do a complete transfer of the domain name rather than just redirect it to the new servers, we can take on the domain name for you, so that it can work with your website.

For all "" domain names the transfer is free.

If you would like to use your domain that is registered with VistaPrint with Create you will need to tell VistaPrint  that you will be moving your domain name away. VistaPrint should then create your own OpenSRS account, moving your domain into this account and Provide you with the login details.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager with these details who will be happy to help you with the next steps.

For other types of domain names and for ".com" domain names there is a £10.99 +VAT charge, which is what we are charged by our registrar to transfer the domain name into our account. To do this please contact us and we will be able to set up the payment and we'll give you a hand with this.

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