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Using Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are a great way of driving traffic to your site and are ideal for sharing products, blog posts and events. Create websites will automatically generate the meta information necessary to allow Twitter to build media Twitter cards. This includes a title, description and, where applicable, an image.

An example Twitter card


How to validate a Twitter Card

While the information required to display a Twitter card is already set for your site, in for this to display when you or others share your site content on Twitter, you will first need to validate the data.

This is done using the  Twitter Card Validation Tool provided by Twitter. Simply click the link and login using your Twitter account details.

Once logged in, you can then paste the URL of the appropriate page into the box provided and click "Preview Card." You only need to do this once for each type of content. For instance, once you have validated one shop product or blog post, these will all automatically display as Twitter cards when posted in future.


Once you have validated the content, your Twitter Card is ready to go. Simply tweet the link on Twitter and see the information populated.

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