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The Create Manual: Part 3 - Setting up your Shop

In this part of the manual we will be looking at how to start adding your products to your shop as well as managing it to get the best out of your online shop. The sooner this is all set up and ready to go, the sooner those orders can start coming in, so let's get started!?

Setting up your Shop Categories


The best place to start with your Shop is your Shop Categories. It is really important to categorise the products within your Shop properly as it makes it easier for the customer to navigate, and the easier it is for them to navigate the quicker they will make their purchase! Alternatively, for those customers who do not know what they would like, categorising your products makes browsing your Shop effortless and improves their shopping experience.

To add a category you will need to go to your “Shop” area on the Top Menu and click the “Add Category” button. It's a simple as that. You can then add a category image for your category, as well as any introductory text for your category page.

You can also add sub-categories to your shop, which is perfect for those with a lot of products. To do this you will need to go to your “Shop” area on the Top Menu and click on the category you wish to add a sub-category to. You can then select “Add Sub-Category”.

For more detailed instructions on how to set up your Shop Categories, take a look at our guide 'How do I set up my shop categories?'


Setting up your Shop Products


Once your Shop Categories are all set up the next thing you can do is start adding your products!

To add a product  you will first need to go back to your “Shop” area on the Top Menu. You can then select the category you wish your product to be in and select “Add Product” to get set up. Here you can add a title for your product and essential information such as price.

With your Shop product set up you can also show off your products by including a great description of them in your “Long Description” box. This allows you to entice the customer in with all the positive things this product offers and also give the customer a great idea of what they are buying. Check out our blog on how to write great product descriptions.

Once your product is added you can then add a product image by going back to your product and selecting the camera icon. Here you can upload multiple product images to really show off your product! Take a look at our guide on adding more than one product image in our guide, 'How to add multiple product images'.

Remember that good images are the best way to attract your customers so for a little extra advice check out our blog on 'The Do's and Don't's of Website Photography'.

For lots more information on how to set up your products in your shop be sure to have a good read of our guide, 'How do I set up my shop products?'.

Setting up your Payment Gateway

Once all of your Shop Products are uploaded and ready to go the next stage is to add your Payment Gateway. A payment gateway is a service that handles the payment for your orders. The easiest way to start taking payments is with Create Payments, our fully integrated and secure gateway solution. You can learn more about Create Payments at the guide, What is Create Payments?

We also offer a range of alternate gateway options to offer your customers the flexibility to choose what works best for them. Take a look at Create's 'Partners' page for the full list of payment gateway providers available to you.

Adding a payment gateway to your shop starts in your “Shop” area, where you can select “Shop Settings” from the left-hand menu where you'll see Create Payments has already been added for you. You can also go to your “Payment Gateways” area and choose your payment gateway provider from the drop-down list. When you then click 'Select' you will be asked to fill in different fields depending on what gateway you chose. For some payment gateways there will also be a set of instructions at the top of the page which are vital to your setup so please keep an eye out for those. Once you fill in these fields and click “Save Changes” your payment gateway setup is complete and you can receive payments from your customers.

If you would like any more information about this the best thing to do is to email your Account Manager. We can then give you a little more advice on the payment gateway that's right for you.


Setting up your postage

The final stage of setting up your Shop lies within your Postage and Tax settings. These settings determine exactly how much postage your customer will pay at the checkout, and there are many different ways in which you can set this up. These are:

  • Fixed: Price Per Order
  • Weight: Price Per Kilogram
  • Quantity: Price per Item 
  • Percentage of Order Total
  • Banded by Weight
  • Banded by Price

In your “Postage And Tax” settings you can set different zones to have different postage options. This means that, for example, you could set overseas postage to cost more than domestic.

You can find your “Postage and Tax” area by going to your “Shop” area on the Top Menu and selecting “Shop Settings” on the left-hand menu. From here if you go to “Postage and Tax” you will arrive at your postage area. For exact instructions on the different postage options available and how to set up them up I would suggest taking a look at Lindsay's guide, 'How to set up your postage zones and types'.

Before we move on, something to think about is offering free postage. Although this sounds like it could be a bit risky it has been proven to be an important factor in moving customers from their shopping basket through to the checkout. It means you can still add your postage costs into your product price, so they are a little more expensive, but make your customer feel valued by having free postage. Still not convinced? If you would like to hear experiences of Create members who offer free postage, take a look at our blog post, 'Free Postage Is Something Worth Shouting About'.


Extra Features

Now your basic shop is all set up and ready to go we can start looking at more of the advanced features you can use in your shop. For example, you could use discount codes to offer your customers special promotions or sell your products on other platforms such as Facebook.

Below are some of the most popular extra features used by Create members in their Shops:


Product Options allow you to have different options on your shop products. So, for example, you can offer different sizes or colours or you can offer the customer an option to personalise their product. You can read more about this feature in our guide, 'How to use Product Options'.


You can run a sale in your Shop, offering your customers money off certain products. This is perfect for getting rid of old stock and making your customers feel valued, plus everyone loves a bargain! For more information on this feature, take a look at our guide 'How to run a sale in your shop'.


The Discount Code feature allows you to create discount codes to give your customer's an amount or percentage off from your products. You can read more about how to use this feature in our guide 'How do I set up discount codes'. Not sure about it? Take a look at our blog post '7 Ways Discount Codes Can Help Your Online Business'.


Facebook Shop allows you to integrate your shop with your Facebook Business Page, giving you your own Facebook Shop and another channel through which to sell your products! This means your products are exposed to a wider audience and your Shop is searchable on this social network giant. To read more about this feature and how it works please read our guide, 'How do I add my products to a Facebook Shop?'

Managing your Shop

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 14.34.55.png

You can manage your orders using your own Order Management system. This can be found in the left-hand menu of your “Shop” area and it gives you so many options to help you keep track of all those sales!

With Order Management you can change the status of your orders and group them together. You can also send personalised confirmation and processing emails, in addition to dispatch notes, and you can print their address labels directly from your Create account. For more information on what you can achieve with Order Management take a look at our guide 'How to use Order Management'.


So we have now reached the end of the “Setting up your Shop” guide! Just to check, before you move on, have you done the following?:

  • Added your shop categories?
  • Thought about how you could use sub-categories?
  • Added your products?
  • Checked all of your product images to make sure they are stylish and professional?
  • Chosen your payment gateway provider and contacted them regarding an account?
  • Added the payment gateway provider to your Create shop?
  • Added your postage options?
  • Taken a look at other features you can use in your shop?
  • Checked out the Order Management system?

If you are ready to move onto the next section then without further ado let's go to the last part of the Create Manual, 'Publishing Your Website and Aftercare'

Remember you can always email your Account Manager. We do love to hear about your experiences and any thoughts you may have so I hope to hear from you soon!