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Paragraphs tend to look a little squished. Remember your college years? You wouldn't hand in some work without increasing the line spacing would you?

Visitors are not obliged to sit and struggle reading your text, so make sure you get it right!

Change the “line height” to create a little extra space between lines of text to make big blocks of text look a little lighter and easier to read.

“Line height” is a little feature that you may have missed, but it can be found in the toolbar whilst editing a page.

Design Tip design tip
fig #1 fig #2

Fig #1 Highlight the paragraph and click the styling icon symbolised by two “A”s.
Fig #2 Choose “value” under line-height, and type a figure. Choose your preference of measurement – here we are using pixels.

The images above explain how to increase line height, but if you get stuck, our support team would be happy to elaborate. Carefully highlight one paragraph at a time and then click the “Edit CSS Style” button as seen in Figure #1. Next, under the “text” tab, choose a measurement from the drop down and then type a number larger than the font size of the text you are editing. Simple as that! If you are using pixels (px), a good font size and line spacing combo is 13px  / 18px.

Just carrying out this tiny change to paragraphs will make you text much more elegant and easier to read. A great little design tip!