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PCI DSS Compliance With Create Payments

Are you currently using or considering Create Payments? Not sure about PCI DSS compliance? Look no further. As this gateway is powered by Worldpay you will be eligible for their low-cost service which will help you become PCI DSS compliant!

The “SaferPayments” programme is a facility available to all Create Payments customers and ensures that you have a mechanism to validate your PCI compliance with ease.

Read on to learn more about PCI DSS compliance with Create Payments.

What is SaferPayments?

The SaferPayments service offered by Worldpay is designed to help “make it quicker and easier for you to validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)”.

The scheme will help you become PCI compliant certified and streamline the process by doing much of the hard work for you such as:

  • Access to the SaferPayments portal - guiding you through each step
  • Pre-fill up to 90% of your PCI DSS self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ)
  • Being on hand to offer support 7 days a week
  • Give you a PCI DSS certificate of compliance once complete
  • Send you an email reminder about your compliance renewal

Why should I comply?

As a merchant selling goods or service through your website, it is important to assert your compliance for the safety of your business and it’s consumers. See our HelpCentre guide “Understanding PCI DSS And How To Comply” for more details.

When you sign up and start using Create Payments, our partners from Worldpay will contact you within a month to giving you the chance to assert your compliance or certification, or to sign up to their SaferPayments service.

I’m already compliant, what do I do?

That’s great! You will just need to provide the SaferPayments team with your certificate of compliance, this is free of charge.

Please note: You will be required to assert your compliance on an annual basis as per legislation.

I want to use SaferPayments, what do I do?

Great news, simply reply to the SaferPayments team and activate your account. The service has a low-cost annual fee of £29.99 (+VAT).

Once you have submitted your self-assessment questionnaire through SaferPayments, you will receive your certification of PCI DSS compliance which can be used with other providers as you wish.

Please note: You will be required to assert your compliance on an annual basis as per legislation.

What will happen if I am not PCI compliant yet?

With Create Payments, Worldpay will give you 60 days to confirm your compliance. In this time you can either become certified independently or use the SaferPayments facility. See the PCI DSS Self-Assessment PDF for more details on self-assessment.

If after the 60 days you haven’t been able to assert this, a monthly fee of £9.99 (+VAT) will be charged to you for each month that you are not PCI compliant. This fee is in place as your business is considered to be higher risk.

If this continues for 12 months your business will be considered as increased risk and the monthly fees of £9.99 (+VAT) will rise to £21.99 (+VAT) - an additional £12.00 will be added per month.

As soon as you can demonstrate that you are compliant with PCI DSS the monthly charge will be stopped and no longer apply to you. This is where SaferPayments can help you become certified quickly and easily with their programme.

Please note: We would always recommend seeking professional advice when it comes to legislation and legal requirements for your business.

More Questions?

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