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How to use the Pagebuilder Text Editor

The Pagebuilder text editor will allow you to set various options to your content such as alignment and colour.
The font style - the way the text appears - is inherited from your template choices within the Design Studio to ensure continuity, however, you can customise this as you wish at any point. Please see our Help guide "How can I change my website font" for more details.
The Pagebuilder text edit screen has a variety of option for formatting your text, see the Key below: 

Text Formatting The text formatting option will allow you to make your text bold, underlined, italic or striked-out
Text Align The text align option will allow you to set your text to the left, right or in the centre
Link The link option will allow you to hyperlink your text content
Headers The headers option will allow you to make your font large in the case of headings and subheadings
Bulletpoint The bulletpoint option will allow you to create lists using points or numbers
Colour The colour option allows you to set the colour of your font

Below is an example of the Text edit screen, and the content area which updates as you type.

Once you have finished typing your text click the green 'Done' button to continue editing the page - this will return you to the main Pagebuilder screen.

Please note: you will need to click the green 'Save' button to save any changes to your page, and to see these changes in the preview mode.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager who is on hand to help.