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How To Use SSL Checkout With Create Payments

Using SSL Checkout with Create Payments is simple to set up and this offers your customers a secure payment process throughout their purchasing experience. Depending on your account level, you will have access to 'SSL Checkout' and can enable this within your Create account.

What does 'SSL Checkout' mean?

Shared Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a technology that encrypts a link between a web server and browser - this ensures that the information your customers enter as they checkout remains private and secure. SSL Checkout is displayed as an official green ‘safe’ padlock that is shown on the address bar on your visitor’s web browser when they are proceeding through your online checkout to make a purchase.

The displayed padlock is universally acknowledged as a secure way of making an online payment, customers will recognise the shop as safe and secure, which can lead to customer trust and more conversion rates. 

This shared Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), encryption on shop checkout payment pages, is a feature available on our Shop Builder, Shop Builder Pro and Shop Builder Advanced packages, see our package comparison page for more details.

If you enable the SSL Checkout feature in your Create account, your Create Payment gateway will integrate directly into the checkout area. This offers an enhanced experience for your customers, as when the customer proceeds through the checkout the green padlock will appear and it keeps your website URL in the bar.

Create Payments showing using shared SSL

If you are on the Regular package, Create Payments will simply forward to '' and display the SSL Checkout padlock for you. Once the customer confirms the payment, they will then be taken back to your ‘Thank You’ order page with your URL displaying back in the bar.

Create Payments showing not using shared SSL

If you would like to find out more about Full SSL, take a look at our guide.

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