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How To Set Up A Universal Google Analytics Property

Google has recently updated their Google Analytics property to a new updated type called Google Analytics 4. If you have recently set up a Google Analytics account, it is likely you have this version by default.

If you have tried to connect this Google Analytics account to your Create account as explained in this help guide, you will have likely seen an error message. This is because currently, Create does not support the new GA4 property type and is currently unable to integrate with it.

It’s easy to tell which Google Analytics property type you have by looking at the tracking ID. The older Universal Analytics will always have been displayed in this format UA-XXXXXXX. The new GA4 will not have UA before the ID number.

In order to integrate Google Analytics with the Create dashboard so you can view your web stats on your Create account Home screen, you will need to set up a new property in Google Analytics, using the older Universal Analytics type. You don’t need to delete the new GA4 property you have already made, it will remain in your Analytics account along with the older version you are about to set up.

Setting up a Universal Analytics Property

1. Log into your Google Analytics Account
2. Click the Admin cog icon located in the left-hand menu

3. In the Property column, click +Create Property

4. Give the new property a name. We recommend including ‘Universal’ in the name for reference.
5. Click on the Show advanced options link to reveal further settings

6. Toggle on the option to Create a Universal Analytics property
7. Enter your website domain URL into the domain URL field
8. Select the option Create a Universal Analytics Property only

9. Click Next and you will then just need to define some options about your Business

Once completed, you will have a new property in your Analytics dashboard. One of them will be the new GA4 and also a Universal Analytics property which you have just setup. The Universal Analytics profile should have a code with UA proceeding it.

You should now be able to return to Create and sign in to your Google account and connect Create to your Google Analytics.

1. Log in to your Create account
2. Click Content
3. Click Site Information in the left-hand menu
4. Click the green Connect To Google! button

5. A pop-up window will open, sign in to the Google account used to set up Google Analytics

Once completed, your Create account and Google Analytics should be connected allowing you to display your website stats on your Create Home screen.

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