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How To Create a Portfolio Website

Create has all the features a photographer needs to showcase their portfolio in the form of a slick, simple and effective website. For the purpose of this guide I've mocked up a website using Create, collating some of my own photography. I have used a slideshow on the "Home" page displaying a few of my favourite snaps. I've inserted four galleries onto my Portfolio page. I've opted for an image and some light text on the "About Us" page, and last but not least I've included a "Contact Us" page.

Please do have a peak at the series of images below as I run you through my site:



Here is my homepage. I have used a slideshow to showcase what I consider to be my best selection of pictures. Below the Coca Cola image is the "Football" image cued up in the slideshow.


You can customise your slideshow in various ways. You can alter the size of the images displayed, decide on the delay period between image transitions. You can choose the the transition speed and play around with the "Ken Burns Effect" should you wish to. Whatever suits you!


Now here is my portfolio page. I have used a number of galleries to display my portfolio. I have organised it into four themes; "Bradford", "Brighton", "Leeds" and "Paris".

The main presentational option here is the ability to choose the size of the images displayed, as well as the amount of columns to have per gallery.

Visitors of your gallery can then click on an image and see it enlarge as follows:


Here's a cheeky look at what the gallery page looks like, backend:



The best way to organise both galleries and slideshows is via tables as illustrated above.


About Us

Here is where it gets personal. I've included an image of myself to bridge the gap between site visitor and photographer, which also allows people to see "The man behind the camera". I've also wrote a few lines detailing my brief photography career with a decorative line added for a bit of extra spice.



Contact Us

We're left with the all important means of a point of contact: Email. You can also display your contact information on this page and customise the form to your own taste. 


Should you want any support at all in recreating the above then please do feel free to contact your account manager who will be more than happy to help!

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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