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How to add Create to your safe-senders list if you use Hotmail or Windows Live.

If you are using Hotmail or Windows live, we recommend that you add our domain to a safe-senders list. This will ensure that all Create emails make it to you.

Setting this up will ensure that "Windows Live" / "Hotmail" don't block any emails that come from us!

You can do this within your "Windows Live" or "Hotmail" account, by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your "Windows Live" or "Hotmail" account.
  2. Select "Options" then "More Options..." from the toolbar.
  3. Follow the "Safe and blocked senders" link under "Preventing junk emails".
  4. Click "Safe Senders".
  5. Type "" to mark all of our messages to you as safe.
  6. Click "Add to list >>."

This should ensure all emails from us arrive safely in your "Windows Live" or "Hotmail" inbox.

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