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How to add an SSL Encryption To Your Website

If you’re on any one of either our Website Builder, Shop Builder, Shop Builder Pro or Shop Builder Advanced packages, you have full SSL encryption included, and it’s really easy to ensure it is switched on in your account.

Before turning on SSL encryption, please review our list of things to check to ensure that SSL will activate correctly. 

To turn on SSL encryption (https://) please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Create account
  2. Click on "Account" on the top menu
  3. Click on the option "SSL Settings"

SSL Settings Option

       4. Turn on SSL with the toggle.

SSL On Switch

       5. Click the green button "Save Changes"

An additional option for redirecting all visitors to HTTPS:// will appear. We recommend turning this option on if you want people visiting to be redirected to If you leave this off Google and other visitors will see these as different websites with the same content and treat them as separate sites.

SSL On Switch with HTTPS

Allow for up to an hour before the SSL encryption is fully completed and ready in your account. Once it is, you will be able to locate the green https:// prefix in your URL in the browser window search bar, accompanied by a padlock indicating the site is secure. For example, take a look at the Create SSL secure website:

Please note, if you use any third party software that requires your website URL, such as Google Analytics, you may need to update these to include the https of your domain name once SSL has been turned on. 

Please note: If you purchase an SSL certificate for your website externally from Create you will not be able to add it to your Create website. Our system does not support externally purchased SSL Certificates. 

Note For Realex Users:

As full SSL validates your entire website, including the checkout, if you use the Realex payment gateway to receive online payments, you will need to make a small update, in the "Return URL" within your Realex account.

Your current Return URL will look something like this "". You'll just need to update the start of it swapping "http" , for "https" which will reflect the change of having full SSL encryption.

Your updated URL should look something like this "".

If you need any help with this you can contact Realex on who will be able to help you in editing this.

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