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Create Payments: Worldpay Emails

Once your Create Payments application has been submitted, you may recieve emails from our partners at Worldpay requesting further evidence in order to successfully process your application. Please be sure to act upon these emails in order for your application to be processed as efficiently as possible. 

The email address you will recieve these messages from will be either "" or "".


"Create Payments in association with Worldpay - Bank Confirmation Required"

You may recieve an email from Worldpay with the above title. This email is a request for evidence of your bank account to ensure your payments will be sent to the correct account. If you do not send this evidence over, Worldpay cannot process your settlements until they have this confirmation. Please note your Create Payments gateway can be accepted and live on your website without this evidence. 

If you have a live Create Payments account and when taking a look in to your "Settlements" area you see settlements of £0.00, this is a good indication that Worldpay have not yet confirmed your bank account from the requested evidence. In this instance, please contact Worldpay on the below contacts quoting your admin code for assistance with this:


Telephone: 0870 366 1233 (Customer Services: option 6)

You can find your 'admin code' in any Worldpay email.

"Create Payments in association with Worldpay - Further Information Required"

You may also recieve an email from Worldpay with the above title. This email is a request for evidence of identification and address. In most cases, an automated identity check will be run on the application and successfully verify the identity of the applicant. If for any reason this check fails or cannot be run, you will be asked for more details.

Please read the information in the email carefully and respond with the documentation requested. This will ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible, as without this evidence, your application will not be processed and will be declined. 

If you feel you have been waiting a little longer than expected for your application to process, Worldpay may be waiting on information from you and so please do keep an eye on your emails and action these as quickly as possible. :)

If you have any queries about the progress of your application you are able to contact Worldpay using the details above, and quoting your admin code. 



Create Payments customers will be offered the "SaferPayments" programme from Worldpay to assist with PCI DSS compliance for your business.

You will be contacted shortly after your application has been approved asking for you to assert your compliance. You will have 60 days to send them your PCI DSS certificate, or you can join their programme and they'll help your business become compliant.

Read all about "PCI DSS Compliance With Create Payments" in our help guide.

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