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How do I verify my site with Google Search Console?

To start using Google's Webmaster tools you'll need to verify that you own your website in your Google Search Console.

To do this please follow the instructions below:

1. Go to your Google Webmasters account. (You can set one up for free if you do not have one following this link:
2. Click "Add property"
3. You will be asked to select a property type, from two options - 'Domain' or 'URL Prefix'. The preferred method is 'Domain'. Using this method, Google will supply you with a code that you will need to add directly to the domain as a TXT record.

4. Enter your website's domain URL i.e
5. Click 'Continue'.
6. Google will display a long code, with a copy button at the end. Click on the copy button to copy the code.
7. You will then need to log into your domain provider and add this code as a TXT record in the DNS configuration. If you purchased your domain through Create, please paste this code into an email and send it to your Account Manager at and include the name of your domain you need this code added to.
8. Once the code has been added, after around 30 minutes, click on the 'Verify' button in Google Search Console.
If the code has been added correctly, Google will then complete the verification of your website.

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