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How to setup Realex As A Payment Gateway

Founded in 2000 Realex is one of the UK's fastest growing online payment gateway providers. With offices all over Europe, Realex provide a range of services for both small and large businesses, including secure transactions, payment reports and the option to take payments through a virtual terminal.

Why choose Realex?

Specifically designed for startups and small to medium businesses selling online, Realex Payments is a low cost, secure and feature-rich service.

How to set up your Realex account

If you do not yet have a Realex account then you will need to apply for an account with them before you can use this payment gateway.

You can visit their website and apply for an account here if you are interested in using Realex. Once your “Realex” account is all set up, you will be able to configure the payment gateway with your Create online shop.

To do this please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Create account.

  2. Select "Shop" from the top menu.

  3. Click on “Shop Settings” on the left-hand menu

  4. Click on “Payment Gateways”.

  5. Choose RealEx from the available gateways.

  6. You will then need to enter your "Realex Merchant ID" and your "Realex Secret Key"

  7. Choose how you would like to settle your transactions.

  8. Select your available payment options from the "Accepted Cards" tab.

  9. Click "Save Changes" to complete the setup.

Realex added to your Payment Gateway screen.

Please note: when setting up Realex you will need to copy the following URLs provided and email these to Realex at 

Callback / Response URL:

Referring URL:

Here you can see your callback and referring URL.

Once this has all been configured your customers should be able to start paying for purchases with Realex through your Create online shop.

Charges of Use

Realex has no setup fee, but there is a monthly fee of £19 for your Merchant Account. This account gives you an allowance of up to 350 transactions for free and 9p extra per extra transaction. 

Virtual Terminal

The Realex Payment Virtual Terminal allows you to accept credit and debit card payments over the telephone in real time. There is no hardware or software that needs to be installed and the only requirement is that there is an internet connection that can be used. In addition to this it is customisable, so you can collect the exact information you would like to get from your customers!

For more information about Realex's Virtual Terminal please follow the link below:

If you have any further questions about Realex, don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager who will be able to help you further.