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How do I make text wrap around an image?

To make text appear alongside an image and "wrap" around it you will need to use the image alignment option when you place the image on to your page.

To do this please follow the intructions below:

  1. "Edit" your page
  2. Click on the "Insert/Edit Image" button on the editor's toolbar
  3. Select the image that you wish to insert and then go to the tab "Appearance
  4. From the drop-down box labelled "Alignment:" pick either Left or Right

The preview at the bottom of the "Insert/Edit Image" window will show you a rough example of what effect the settings you have selected will have.

If your page editor does not feature any of the options or buttons mentioned within this FAQ then you will need to upgrade to our new editor.

To do this, go to to 'edit' one of your pages and follow the link to 'Upgrade to the new editor'.

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