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How to display accepted payment logos

In order to be web compliant, you must display accepted payment logos on your site. Fortunately there are a number of ways to do this in your Create account.


Site Footer

Once you've set up your Accepted Payment Types for your payment gateway, you can proceed to display these within your site's footer. To do this simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click 'Content' from the Top Menu
  2. Click 'Edit Site Footer' from the left-hand-side men
  3. Under 'Show Card Logos' choose 'ON'
  4. Click 'Save Changes' and publish your site to see this live

Using the 'We Accept' field, you can also modify this heading to suit your business needs.


Side Column

If you are using side columns, or wish to add side columns to your website, then you can choose to add an "accepted payments" box. Please see instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Create account
  2. Click on "Design" on the top menu
  3. Click "Content" from the left-hand menu
  4. Click on the link for "Add side column item". 
  5. Select "Accepted Payments" and then "Continue".
  6. Give the box a title and edit as you wish and then click "Add side column box". 
  7. Publish your site to put your changes live. 

Your site will now automatically display the logos of your payment gateways in the side column you selected.