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How Do I Accept Credit & Debit Card Payments?

In order to accept card payments through your website, you will need to have a payment gateway enabled. Create Payments is the simplest way to accept credit and debit card payments through your online shop - and it's already available in your Create account!

Powered by Worldpay, Create Payments is fully integrated and secure and offers you complete management over your checkout, including the ability to view transaction volume, sales and total revenue generated through our tailor-made reporting system – all through your Create account.

In order to provide the greatest flexibility possible, online shops built with Create can integrate with up to 3 different payment processing companies, so it is a good idea to choose ones which compliment each other and provide your customers with a choice of payment methods.

With Create, you can also display icons for your accepted payment types. For instructions on how to enable this, please see this guide.

To begin accepting credit and debit card payments through your online shop you will need to set-up an account with a payment processing company. See our full list of the payment processing services we support.

For guides on each of the payment gateways available, please see below:


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