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How To Include A Podcast Or Audio Blog On Your Site

A podcast can be a great way to reach and connect with your customers. There are a few ways to deliver audio content, but the main way is through publishing to iTunes and other podcast directories, which can then automate the downloading of content onto people's computers and music players.

This is quite a specialised task, and we don’t currently have a fully integrated podcast solution able to submit your podcast to iTunes. However, you have a couple of great options available which allow you to use a podcast with your Create site.

Uploading Your Podcast As An Audio File

The first is to place audio content in your blog posts with our handy Audio Player widget. To do this, you’ll first need to upload the audio files to your account. Please be aware that there is a limit of 2MB per file, or, if you’ve opted into our Downloadable Products beta, 5MB per file. If you wish to use larger files, you can instead upload them to an external file hosting service. You can then use the direct link to the file as the file URL in the audio player widget.

To upload a file to your site, please do the following:

  1. Log into your account and select “Content” from the Top Menu
  2. From the left-hand menu, select “Files”
  3. Click the “Add file” button
  4. Select the file you wish to upload, then click “Upload the File”.
You can then create an Audio Player widget using the sound file you just uploaded. To do this:
  1. In the “Content” screen, select “Widgets” from the left-hand menu
  2. Select “Add Widget”
  3. Click the Audio Player widget
  4. Enter the required information: a title for the widget; the song name; the direct link to your sound file; and the width of the player as it will appear on your site
  5. Click “Add Widget”.

The Audio Player can then be inserted straight onto your desired web page.

Using An External Podcast Hosting Service

The second way is to use an external service that is specially designed for podcast hosting. This will provide you with an account with which you can upload and host your content, and automatically submit your podcast to aggregators like iTunes. It will also provide you with an integrated audio player, which you can insert into your site as an HTML fragment.

Here are a few examples of these services:

  1. – starts at $4.95 per month
  2. – 1GB storage & traffic for free; plans start at $5 per month
  3. – 1GB storage & traffic for free; plans start at $5 per month
  4. – a widely used audio-hosting site with a podcast feature in beta: see
Your podcast is then managed through your chosen service. When you wish to insert an episode of your podcast into your Create website, you obtain the code snippet for your new episode, and then, in your Create account, add an HTML Fragment containing this code. You can then insert the HTML Fragment onto the desired page of your website.