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Can I apply VAT to just one product?

We currently provide a global VAT / Tax system which allows you to specify the addition of  VAT or Tax to all products during a customers checkout . As such it is not currently possible to add VAT / Tax charges to only certain products in your shop at this time.

You can however easily switch off the global tax option and add VAT onto your specific products as part of the total cost.

You could then include some more information about this in your product's description area. For example:

  1. You could state that the cost for this product is including VAT / Tax.
  2. You can include the excluding VAT / Tax cost for your customers reference.
  3. You could also include some text to say the customers can request a VAT receipt if they need one.

Don't forget you can also display your VAT/tax number in the footer of your website for your customers' convenience.

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