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Abandoned Basket Recovery Tool FAQs

Our Abandoned Basket Recovery tool is a great way of capitalising on sales that would often go lost otherwise. Using the Abandoned Basket Recovery tool, you can gain insight into a potential customer’s basket activity, your own shop’s abandonment rate and re-engage shoppers to encourage them back.

This guide will cover some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding the Abandoned Basket Recovery Tool.

How long after someone leaves their basket does it become abandoned?

A basket is considered abandoned after 2 hours.

How long is the cookie saved after abandonment?

A cookie with the shopper's basket contents is automatically stored for 30 days. This means that at any point during this time they can return to your shop and complete the purchase, as well as updating the basket contents. After that, the basket would become empty again.

What happens if a customer doesn’t get as far as leaving their email address?

When making a purchase, there are various stages to the checkout process. Normally this first involves adding items to the basket before continuing on to enter your details. If a customer never makes it as far as entering their details then these will obviously not be captured as part of the abandoned basket.

The good news is you’ll still have a record - so you can use this to see if there are any trends which you can compare with other abandons.

When using the email customisation tool, can I add a discount code to an email?

Absolutely! Adding a discount code to your email is a great way of enticing a customer back in, and you’ve probably seen this yourself if you’ve abandoned a basket.

Why am I seeing so many abandoned baskets?

The industry abandonment rate is almost 70% of all transactions. That being said, we always recommend that rather than worrying about your specific abandon rate, you focus more on using it as an opportunity to make changes to help reduce it.

Can I get part of ABB as a bolt-on?

We don’t offer our features as part of separate add-ons as they are exclusive to their packages. There are lots of great and advanced features on our packages which you could certainly take advantage of to help boost sales.

I’m using external software to track activity on my website and they are not matching up to the Abandoned Basket reports.

While it’s great that you’re on top of website activity already, it’s important to note a few things. Firstly, most tracking software will only provide a sample of website activity, and this will depend on what you’re using. Secondly, it’s always possible for a user to block tracking software which means their activity would never be logged. Thirdly, as a basket is only abandoned after two hours, it’s important to factor in that time difference.

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