Connect Facebook Users to Your Online Shop

Integrate your Create shop with Facebook in just two speedy clicks - and reach millions of Facebook users.

Facebook Shop

Increase awareness

Why use Facebook as a sales channel?

By integrating your Create shop you can be where hundreds of thousands of potential customers are - increasing awareness of your website, brand and products.

  • Seamlessly and elegantly adds a Shop button to your branded Facebook page
  • It completely mirrors your Create shop so no extra design management is required
  • Orders through your Facebook Shop will appear in your Create Order Management
  • Buyers receive notifications through Facebook when their order is shipped

Need Help?

Step-by-Step Guide

Let us help you to have a successful and rewarding Facebook presence:

Jo Jenner

Jo Jenner - Three Blonde Bear

" These days social media is incredibly important in getting new business, and Create's Facebook Shop integration gives us another popular channel to sell our products through. The Facebook Shop is amazingly easy to set up, it looks great and it regularly converts into sales for us. "

Facebook Shop

How It Works

Connected platforms

It takes seconds to integrate your Create website to your Facebook Shop and any amendments you make to products in your online shop will be automatically changed on Facebook.

Inventory variations

Facebook Shop allows you to organise your products into categories, just as you would on your website - you can give these collections images and feature your most popular products prominently on your Facebook page.

Utilise Your Following

Take advantage of your Facebook following by tagging your Facebook Shop products in photos, enabling you to highlight your best sellers and new products.

Simple Shopping

Make the payment process easier with mobile-friendly shopping on Facebook,. As one of the largest social media networks you can be safe in the knowledge that mobile transactions will be easy and seamless from start to finish.

Searchable Store

Your Create Facebook Shop will be discoverable across the entire Facebook network from internal searches (something Google cannot enable on the platform).

Unique Insights

Facebook Insights provides you with flexible dedicated Facebook reporting - customise your time reporting, and compare to Create’s insights.